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Hacking is to some extent still perceived as a secret, mystical activity taking place in the dark rooms of shrouded frenetic keyboard clicks. The man knows hackers basically only from hearing, nobody has ever really met anybody, and if he says yes, he is most likely deceiving. Thus, a standard hacker is thought to be light-flushed, communicating through the occult media of the command line, and could be equal to IT Alister Crowley. The truth is, however, that hackers look quite ordinary and membership of a demon cult is only an option, not a condition.
These normal-looking people have the same normal requirements as we do: they desire love, happiness, and the ability to pay their bills. And because they have unique skills in the IT field, more and more of them decide to offer their skills to people willing to pay for them.

Hacking on the rise
Do not be fooled by all the known motivation of financial income. The fact that it is an illegal activity does not change anything. The number of hacking has been increasing considerably in recent years, which is naturally reflected in more attacks. Once you had to look for their services through deep webs, today you can find them on ordinary pages and there are even sites specifically dedicated to hacking. Some have gone so far in their business that they also offer “Customer Care” or “Technical Support”. For example, trial versions of services such as 10-15 minute distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks are available.

Thief for money
Today, hacker services are more affordable than ever. According to Dell SecureWorks, the price of the attacks has dropped to a level where virtually anyone, such as a jealous partner, can afford it. This means that the threat of hacking is still more real for private individuals, not just businesses.

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The most popular services include hacking your mail account, Facebook, and WhatsAppa. Private data from your mailbox is for $ 90. WhatsApp introduced a full-scale encryption of all conversations and data a few months ago. But this security measure did not deter hackers, they just ask more for their services: about $ 200. There’s even a program for Facebook spying that you can buy for 3 months for $ 19 and $ 90. But hackers do not limit their product portfolio to jealous partners. If you want credit card numbers, get ready, and now read carefully, about 7 euros. People around the world contribute to such a low price by not sufficiently protecting their bank details, for example by paying over the internet for complete card data, including CVV.

How to protect yourself?
Very strong protection, which hackers can at least delay, is two-factor authentication. It is a service that adds another layer of protection to your password in the form of a one-time verification code. It can come in the form of sms or it is generated by an application. For example, Facebook or Google offers such security when signing in to your Gmail account. Phishing and keylogging attacks are becoming increasingly attractive. However, you will not protect your private account settings from those. An effective solution is high-quality security software on a computer that monitors all communications. For example, our ESET Smart Security 9, which includes technologies specifically targeted at such attacks, can protect you from keylogging and online banking fraud.

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