Smartphone Hacking Which Never Fails

Smartphone Hacking Which Never Fails

Smartphones have gone to an advanced level than ever. All the new technology introduced will reach the cell phones just sooner than you think.  We are living in a Sci-Fi Universe and all the credits to the smartphones and its advancements.  Technically, smartphones are the wonders of mathematics and engineering converting phones to supercomputers. Starting from updating the status in social media to transfer money anywhere, we are using these phones. However, is your phone safe from smartphone hacking? What are the methods you use to keep them secured?
“Think your passwords, fingerprint screen locks, face recognition are secured? Think again”.
Cybercrime reports
In June 2018, The Revision Legal came up with the exciting reports on cyber-attacks, and it proved that the minimum time required for applying smartphone hacking tricks is just 20 seconds. Just like how smartphones have made our lives easier, it has also made us vulnerable to cybercrimes and prone to breaches, which we have no idea how to deal.
While embracing digital innovation and technology in every walk of our life, it is rather essential to maintain the personal data safely. We are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones, but the paradox is we are not sure how does smartphone works?  CEO of Lucideus Tech, an ethical Hacker Saket Modi said that 99 percent of the people utilize their mobiles just like the black box and not like a smartphone. We do not understand the impact of the device that we are using. Phone makers often know the loopholes and vulnerabilities of being hacked, but the OS is always foundational. The basic principle to hack one mobile reflects on every other version of mobile of the same brand.
All you need to know is some techniques to prevention smartphone hacking for the safe and secure mobiles. Here is the compilation of best hack techniques and its benefits:

Avoiding insecure Wi-Fi:
Most of us know the risks involved in using the open Wi-Fi. These wireless networks may take us to severe trouble in acquiring the data quickly. They can snoop your mobile just when you are online in their vicinity. Smartphone hacking using open Wi-Fi requires some software skills and they target some important locations where people gather more, like your local café, bus stand or near parks. Hence, it is more dangerous and hazardous to connect your phone to the public open Wi-Fi. In addition, you just to ignore this connection rather than downloading apps and software.
Try to connect the phone to your personal mobile data only. If you are doubtful about the particular open wireless network, never connect. If there is a crisis or emergency while you were not able to access stop your personal data, then you can choose to have VPN tools or Cyber ghost application, which can encrypt your traffic. They enhance the secure connection and transaction in the public network. The applications will not allow anyone to monitor what you are up to. However, sticking to the personal mobile internet connection is the best way to avoid the risks.
Updating is the easy way:
First thing first – You need always to install all the software updates as soon as you get notifications.  Just as your computer updates smartphones also require updates timely to prevent it from smartphone hacking tools.  Updating can be an intrusive process and always bring some annoying changes with the interface but what makes them unique is that it provides an automatic secured system for your processor. The vulnerabilities may seemingly become low when you update them on a timely basis. Check your phones regularly for new updates. They are free-of-cost and very reliable compared to all other private installation software.
You need to be careful with the one-tap ads. These types of advertisements regarding your software or OS updates are dangerous. Hence, never download them from online directly. The hackers generally use the one-tap updates as the target to defeat the technology. You can always check the updates manually and update the devices, so you do not fall under the risk. Nowadays many brands have introduced anti-virus package as part of the update. Hence, the risk attacks by any malware is seeming less, and you can have a secure mobile.
Installation is dangerous:
Do not worry! We are not threatening you not to install anything but ensure that you are installing the safe apps. There are trustworthy and reliable applications available at the play store, or I store the one that is safe and does not use my personal data. Be careful with the permission and access that you provide for this software and application. Starting from camera to all your contacts and messages, the applications have the complete control over your phone.
To avoid or escape from such threats it is necessary to check the malware security of software that you download. While signing-in, you are inviting the hackers to access your smartphone. It is one of the most popular but dangerous methods to get possession over the mobile. The hackers send emails; unsecured website links that contain the virus, therefore only advanced security application can only protect your phones from these types of attacks. It is difficult, but there is an extent to the capabilities and legitimate usage. Before you approve any request think twice, and you are always free to report on any such malicious apps found on these clouds.
Auto-Login is a threat:
Auto-Login is more than what you think. It is the convenient feature available for anyone to abduct all your personal records. Once you grant access for auto-login then your information is all out in the air. The auto-login does not only support the particular website but also for the entire browser system. Anyone can snoop over all your information available. You are at the liability for any intruder to look for your personal interest.
Many marketers are constantly watching for the ways to sell the products or service. For them, this feature is a piece of the cakewalk. As a result, they will be able to understand and analyze your day-to-day searches, routines, needs and wants. In addition, it is easy to track your locations when you are online.
Say no to sensitive information
Phones have become the replacement of almost everything. It has become a common thing to carry out bank transaction through your phone or store information in it for further references. The information that is stored can be sensitive especially in cases of information like credit card details and bank details, which in wrong hands would create unwanted trouble. Make sure that your phone does not contain any type of sensitive information that will ruin you later on.
Certainly, this will help you even in times when your phone is hacked or stolen, as the hacker would not be able to access data that are against you and use it. Watch smartphone hacking videos for more relevant insights.
Put app locks
There are certain apps, which might not work unless you enter the credit card details. Payment apps and subscription apps are some of those. It is always better to add an additional app lock to protect such apps so that it is not accessible directly. App locks installed on apps might contain information about you such as your personal gallery, email and message apps like WhatsApp.  These additional lock provides extra security for the phone and often prevents others from accessing your personal data. Do not let any smartphone hacking techniques manipulate your phone functions.
Track and lock phone
Prevention is always better than the cure and yet there are times you have to depend on the cure. It is better to be one-step ahead always when it comes to cell phones. Always enable anti-theft and anti-hacking systems in your phone, which would be helpful in times if theft or hacking of device happens. In addition, use features like ‘Find my device’ which is offered by both Google and Apple in case of thievery and erase your mobile data. These features also help you to track the device, which has been mislaid.
Note down the IMEI number of your phone along with other details somewhere safe so that these can be used to erase the data from the phone. Several apps help you to detect the location of a phone and erase the data as well as keeping you at safe bay.
Bluetooth is one of the fantastic features when it comes to the cell phone, but it is also among the riskiest. Most of the smartphone hacking happens through Bluetooth while connecting with other devices. Therefore, make sure that your Bluetooth connectivity is safe. It is better to make your Bluetooth invisible to devices other than the paired ones. Installing an anti-malware app that would scan the connected Bluetooth device will also help you in this case. This would also prevent hacking even in times when you turn-off invisibility to an extent.
Public charging points
Smartphone hacking through malware apps and devices is a common method. Hacking happens in places we rarely imagine. Public charging points are one among them. Leaving your phone unattended or without attention in public charging points often gives enough time for hackers to lay their hands on them transferring data. Not only are that, public-charging points are not reliable enough, because they may be fake charging points that contain hidden devices to mine your personal data and put a bug into your mobile phone. While charging points at airports and shopping points are reliable, it is always better to carry your own cord or carry a power bank to use in cases of emergencies.
Basics to keep your phone secure
Even if you are a tech-savvy person, you may not be aware of every trick and hack related to your phones.  Features like front and rear-facing camera recognition, heart rate monitors, IR blaster, dual camera sensor and what not, everything looks fascinating in the market. However, the best thing to understand their functioning is that they are user-friendly. It does not require any strong curve to unlock or hack your phones by breaking these features. Besides do your own research through smart phone hacking books.
Unlock the android screen if your phone is hacked already
Dial your emergency number as many times as possible until it reaches the maximum limit. Copy the emergency number you have dialed or feed in your phone.
Now open the camera of your android phone. You can open it even if you have the screen locked.
Now drag the screen down; now you will be asked for the password
Paste all the Android’s emergency number that you have copied
Keep doing this process simultaneously and press the volume keys. You can see that the camera app crashing.
The phone gets unlocked, and it will take you to the main menu without any complications.
*Refer Smartphone hacking tutorials to save yourself from such unexpected traps.
Pro Tip:
Above all, take some action on the above solutions by implementing them. While you cannot be always careful and be on the edges, it is better to try following most of the above-said ideas that would help you in terms of avoiding being hacked or in having your data used against you. As said in the saying, it is always better to be safe than be sorry.

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